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15 Smart Kitchen Organization Ideas To Try In 2022

15 Smart Kitchen Organization Ideas To Try In 2022

15 Smart Kitchen Organization Ideas To Try In 2022 


The kitchen is one of the most important and most visited rooms. Not only are meals prepared, but it’s also a gathering space for friends and family. Having kitchen gadgets and tools can get cluttered quickly and need organizing. If you find yourself not finding any room for your favorite items, or opening drawers and cabinets is frustrating, it’s time to reorganize the kitchen using these smart hacks!

A kitchen should be one of the main focal points of your home, but the organization is key. No need to worry about having fancy cabinets,  or expensive organization systems to have a beautifully organized kitchen. There are various ways to organize a kitchen without spending hundreds of dollars or hiding your favorite items.



Prior to deciding on the ideal kitchen organization, it’s important to open your drawers and cabinets to see if items are overflowing and you’re not using them on a regular basis. If there are items that you use less, consider relocating them to a different space, or getting rid of them.

The odds are, that there are various items in the kitchen that can be removed or reloaded to be more organized and have a clean slate. Most homeowners have different tools that take up counter space and look cluttered. Removing these items or displaying them in a cabinet is a great way to counter this.


Label Containers

Labeling items such as spices, baking ingredients, pasta, and more can be beautifully displayed on a kitchen island or a china cabinet. In most modern organization kits or magazines you often see glass jars with matching labels. This makes the kitchen have an aesthetic while keeping it organized.  Not only does labeling containers make it clean and organized, but it also makes it so it’s easy to find things in the kitchen, and each item has its own place to go. 


This particular Kitchen Island will give your space modern storage and organization. It features multiple storage options, allowing for things such as condiments and spices to have their own space and be easily accessible.



Reduce Drawer Space

If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough drawer and cabinet space, a great tip is to consider the idea of open shelves or rack storage. This allows you to display your items, and create an attractive but simple look.

Most people use the open shelves to display their best dress pieces or pieces that are used quite frequently. To make it look appealing, try to avoid mix-matching the pieces and instead use color-coordinated dishes.


Make use of unwasted space

When looking to find more space for things that aren’t used as frequently, using space such as above cabinets, ceiling space, and even using tops of appliances (be sure to be extremely cautious, and limit the clutter for appliances to work properly and remain safe)

A great tip is to get storage baskets or trays to display and keep items organized. Using a bin and adding things such as baking tools, like sprinkles, cupcake liners and more is a great way to free up space in cluttered cabinets.


Organize the Pantry

Every home has different pantries, some are kitchen cabinets, shelves, or a walk-in. Whichever style pantry you have, keeping it organized is extremely important. When organizing the pantry, creating different solutions such as baskets or bins gives a clear identification of the goods. Creating a designated area for things such as snacks or easy grab-and-go items is a great idea for those will younger children. To keep these organized, use items such as storage cabinets or bins. This storage cabinet and basket set is a great addition to any pantry, it adds a beautiful touch and great storage utilization.

Utilize Effective Storage Options

When organizing the kitchen it’s important to note if the storage you have now is fully accessible and used to its full potential. For example, when looking around your kitchen keep these questions in mind.

  • Could I install an organizer that would make the space be used to its full potential?
  • Are there better options for this space?
  • What else could I put there instead?


Kitchen storage exists to make your life easier while in that space. It’s meant to be proactive and make for better efficiency in daily tasks. Adding things such as hooks for dish towels, lazy susans, or drawer dividers will keep you organized.

Kitchen Islands with storage or bar/kitchen carts are a great way to give you some extra counter and storage space! 



Organize by Task

It doesn’t matter the size of your kitchen, everyone has various items that could be beneficial to organize the kitchen by different tasks. Having different things thrown together in cabinets or drawers is insufficient and can get easily cluttered. Designating zones in the kitchen such as cooking stations, baking, dishes, and food storage will limit the clutter and keep it organized.


Incorporate Creative Ideas

If you have a smaller kitchen or lack the space for extra storage, creative ideas or containers will make the most of your space. This includes utilizing the smallest amounts of extra space in the kitchen. 

An idea for multiple different utensils is to get a wire rack or special hooks to hang them anywhere they can go, a common use is hanging them near the backsplash of a stove. Repurposing bookcases or cabinets is a way to recycle old furniture and turn it into something new. Displaying your favorite dishes, glasses, or kitchen decorations in these furniture pieces is a great idea to remain organized.


Practice Simple Organization

While everything in the kitchen needs a home, it’s important to keep in mind that some systems need to be flexible for guests and others to find things in the kitchen. Organizing the drawers by category keeps the dishes tidy and knows exactly where they belong. For example, different categories can be baking, utensils, bowls, cups, etc. If the organization system is complicated, some guests may have a hard time finding items.

 Create Designated Area

Most households have their kitchen table, island, or countertops cluttered with things like mail, paperwork, schoolwork, and other things that accumulate over time. To combat this problem, you want to avoid the clutter from cleaning up. Adding a magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard to any space in the kitchen can allow everyone to put their papers up and avoid clutter.


Use drawers or dividers for kitchen utensils

With most utensil drawers, the clutter is severe and it’s not organized. Using baskets or specific drawer dividers is a great way to combat the clutter and keep everything in plain sight.

 Baskets are the most common due to them being accessible and can use different sizes to your organization's advantage.


Utilize Wall Space

If your cabinets and drawers are fully packed, use the wall space you have to use hooks, shelving, and hanging things with screws. Most homeowners, use this space to display cutting boards, wooden utensils, coffee mugs, and more.

By doing this, you’re taking the bulky and larger items off your cabinet and giving yourself more countertop space and storage options. This also adds a beautiful look to your kitchen decor.


Group Like Items

Grouping items into zones that are similar in shape makes things easier to find. One of the most common unorganized areas in a kitchen is the Tupperware container. Using an organizer such as a wire rack or basket is a great way to store the lids of your tupperware is a great idea to keep them all together and easy to find.

Also keeping things such as baking dishes, pans, and more of the same size together are easy to keep organized and can nest within each other, allowing them to be easily accessible.


Add Creative Shelving

 If you find yourself out of space and want to show off some of your essentials like your favorite kitchen towels or cutting boards, adding shelving underneath a cabinet is an innovative way to do so. You can also display some of your favorite utensils or anything you can hang.


Place frequently used items close

Items that are used daily should be close and easily accessible. Store things that you don’t use often towards the back of the cabinets, or in higher places. Some homeowners keep their seasonal items such as holiday supplies, infrequently used appliances, etc. in the tallest cabinet or behind other items.


Keeping your kitchen neatly organized doesn't have to be difficult or stress you out. Following and adding these simple tasks into your kitchen will get you organized in no time!