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How To Select The Perfect Paint Color For Your Home Office

How To Select The Perfect Paint Color For Your Home Office

So how do you select the perfect paint color for your home office?


Working from home means spending the majority of your time in your home office. While most are organized and neat, the aesthetic and feel are often overlooked. Your home office should be a space that will support you and help you focus on tasks and be productive.


For most, it comes as a surprise that the paint color can influence your mood and productivity levels. Whether you feel you need to increase focus, decrease anxiety or stress, or just want to redo your space there are various colors to choose from that come with benefits.


When choosing a color for your home office, consider the activities that are done in the room. It’s important to have the right color scheme for what takes place. Questions you should ask yourself before making your decision are; Do you need to take calls or video conferences? Is this a private area or is it shared with other household members? Are you going to use the space for work and entertainment, or strictly work? What feeling do you want to get from your space? These questions are all important to making the final decision for color.


Before painting your office, take your job into consideration. If the profession is more stressful and often high pressured, going for the cooler colors is a great choice to mellow the room out while soothing you and keeping you calm. If you find yourself often lacking motivation and energy, colors that are warmer like reds, oranges, and yellows would be a great fit These colors often evoke the feeling of anger or hostility.


Offices often come equipped with essential furniture like desks, bookshelves, and chairs of all different colors. The wall color has a large impact on creating the right vibe you’re looking for while keeping your stuff organized. For example, a white bookshelf with natural wood finishing  brings a modern look to the space. Pairing it with a white or gray wall can make the space feel larger, balance the room, and can easily coordinate with other furniture or decor.



Gray paint color is a fantastic neutral option for any space. Grays are known as being elegant and classic, they often work well in spaces that have different styles of decor. The color represents neutrality and balance, it’s a very light color that is calming and pairs nicely with rustic or natural wood tones.


Blue is an astonishing option for any workspace, it’s not the most common color but different shades can provide various feelings. A lighter blue, almost gray-like color is known to calm the mind and add sophistication and elegance. It’s a great neutral tone to pair with black and white elements. This tranquil color would be a great option for high-stress jobs or a calm space.


Darker and deeper blues help with making decisions and thinking. It’s often used for a more serious occupation and means business. Since they are darker shades, most people resort to only painting an accent wall in a deep blue compared to the whole office.



Beige is a versatile color that can pair with other colors easily. A lighter brown or beige color can give the appearance of making a room feel and look larger. No matter the decor design of any space, beige walls go with every single color. Pairing beige with natural darker wood furniture pieces or trim can create a very calming and relaxing space. For example, beige is commonly used in law offices, it’s known to create a feeling of safety and warmth.


A color that is known for the ability to create a calm but balanced room is green. Various shades come with many benefits. Greens are lifted straight from nature and can brighten any room and bring refreshing energy.

The darker green colors often give the soothing feeling of rooms and make you feel reassured and comfortable. Due to them being often found in nature, they bring a sense of calm to any space and help feel connected to the outside world. They are very forgiving colors and have various decor styles that can be used with them.


Yellow shades are common colors that represent happiness and inspiration that are great qualities to have in your home office. They are often said to increase your focus and make it easier to think.


If choosing yellow for your home office, most interior designers recommend avoiding painting all four walls yellow, a bright yellow is highly visible and could stimulate emotions making you feel anxious or nervous. Muted yellows are more common and often provide a soothing and relaxing environment. If wanting a more positive space opt for lighter yellows, these shades stimulate mental activity and creativity.


Having a yellow wall with white furniture is a great way of having a clean and positive space. Since white is a neutral color, it pairs well with yellow shades, the white creates a clean appearance against the walls. Since they are both fairly neutral colors your decor options can be unlimited.


When it comes to your home office, the space needs to feel productive regardless of the profession you’re in. Whether you’re looking for a calm color a bold choice, using various paint colors to create the workspace you want will help accomplish your goal.


Not every paint color will work for your specific space. If you find a color you love but it doesn’t look right on the walls use it in other areas of the room. For example, give your furniture a makeover, strip the paint and use it as an accent color for your space. Another great option to include the color you love is to create an accent wall. This is a great way to make a bold statement while keeping your space classy and modern.


Prior to committing to painting the entire space, make sure to complete swatch tests. Colors that are seen in stores or online may look different in your home. Get sample colors you love and swatch them on the wall and see how it makes you and your space feel before committing.