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The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Living Room Feel Bigger

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Living Room Feel Bigger

How to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day of work and relaxing in your comfortable living room. Everything in that space is meant to accommodate both your comfort and your aesthetic no matter how big the space is.

 But what happens when the living room area feels small and cramped? When you’re working with limited space, the task of filling it appropriately can be daunting. We know that small spaces lend to clutter if the right steps aren’t taken to a create clean, breathable structure.

 So what steps can you take to revitalize any small living room and make it look bigger and feel more spacious? Follow the guide below to answer your questions on taking a space to the next level through optical illusion. Tricking the eye is a fantastic way to showcase the beauty in even a very small living room, providing you with the relaxation your both crave and deserve. Are you ready?



Space is an Illusion -The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Living Room Feel Bigger

Think of “space” as something you build vs. something that’s empty. We all know an empty room has this airy quality that leaves your imagination running wild with ideas for how to fill it. But space really is what you build into a room, not what’s left out. So how do you build a spacious feeling into a small living room? It’s through scale, angle, function and density.


1). Scale

 Understanding scale is the key to beginning the process of selecting the right sized furniture pieces for your living room. Without starting here, you run the risk of putting in pieces that are too large, bulky, or low to the ground, all which contribute to al room feeling even smaller. But understanding the proportions you are working with, sets you up for building in furniture appropriate in size. For smaller rooms, get petite sofas, modern accent chairs with longer legs, and see-through builds for tables and floor shelving. Extend the height of the room by putting your curtain rods up near the ceiling for a starting point vs. just above the window. Purchasing longer curtains produces an incredible effect, especially considering it’s such a simple, small change.

2) Angle

 Another simple way to increase the illusion of space is by angling your furniture catty-corner. Positioning an accent chair catty-corner provides space on either side of the arms vs. when it’s flush to the wall, you only have one side of exposed space. By putting your chair at this diagonal angle, the eye gets tricked into thinking there’s more area in the room than there actually is. Now add in what you learned with scale and get the modern accent chair with see-through arms, long legs, and properly proportioned pillows for a beautiful effect.

3) Function

 Small spaces require a level ingenuity and creativity unique to their sizes. There is an entire movement in furniture-making that understand this. Pieces can now double their functions to save space but not lose versatility. Imagine a coffee table that becomes an instant desk with a mobile, extendable top. Or a compact, foldable table that can be quickly reconfigured into an office desk, dining table or side accent table. The ingenuity here is incredible! And it’s not just tables. There are chairs with hidden storage, minimalist wardrobes that look like large bathroom medicine cabinets, sofas that convert to small beds and it goes on and on. You can always find what you need when it comes to multifunctional furniture.  

4) Density

 This might be the easiest place to make a mistake. For example, when you’re out shopping for a new couch, sometimes you try it out and end up sinking into heavenly thick pillows and cushions that just won’t let you go. Before you know it, you’ve purchased the product based of your 2-minute existential experience only to find it doesn’t look right or fit well in your small living room. Thick pillows and cushions can have a hypnotic effect, but they still need to be balanced with the room. And you know what? When choosing a sofa, you can select one with more petite dimensions and taller legs and still feel like you’re sinking into heaven’s clouds.


More Tips to Increase the Illusion of Space in Your Living Room



The Paint and Wallpaper Effect

There are so many ways to get your living room feeling more spacious as we’ve discussed. We have covered several interesting ways to create the illusion, but there are two more very special options: paint and wallpaper. 

Paint and wallpaper might be two of the most popular areas of interest for home decor. This is in part due to wallpaper entering the non-committal realm, where peel-and-stick has revolutionized the once sticky and nearly permanent applications. Commitment phobes everywhere can now select the most beautiful patterns without being afraid to change it one year later.

Paint as well has leveled up chemically to become safer and more affordable. And it’s a good thing too, because these two wall-enhancers can make all the difference when creating the illusion of more space.

Some popular trends right now fit right in line with what’s needed to maximize depth and height. For example, the monochromatic look from floor to ceiling has this expanding effect even in small spaces. Some have taken this chic look to new measures by painting the base boards, walls, doors and door trims all the way up to the ceiling in one gorgeous color.

Likewise with wallpaper, choosing a largescale pattern makes the space actually seem larger. It also allows a measure of eye-catching boldness that is both fun and exciting. And you don’t have to be meticulous about scale. Using an extra-large pattern in a small space does something magical. Instead of making it look off balance, it makes your eyes engage in this Alice-in-Wonderland experience where what seems small is really very big, (but only when you drink the vile labeled “large pattern,” of course).


The endless ways to make your living room seem more spacious or bigger are incredibly fun to try out. Start with these basics and see how it goes. You may just end up taking this area to new heights and depths, but only as an optical illusion of course. And we hope so, because you deserve both beauty and comfort when enjoying relaxation in your living room.